Why Should The Catholic Church Survive?

Why Should The Catholic Church Survive?

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It not only harbours thousands of paedophile priests but its main objective is control and power and it is the richest organisation in the world due to its lies. I know this due to my memory of reincarnation and while involving lives was with the Spirit and in the spirit. The Vatican banned reincarnation from the 5th Century since it opposes its claims of paradise and hell and they it has the keys to heaven, although it’s the evil body in the world, Bulverde Wildlife Removal.

There’s absolutely no HEAVEN OR HELL since these are weapons employed by the Church to control individuals. The creation of those non places started in Babylon where the sunlight was the Mother God, and her name is Mary – it means’mother’s strong eye’ and is the source of’wed’. Men died on crosses and believed they could climb on sunbeams to the skies to be with her as mates. Thus she is known as the fantastic whore.

Men dreamed of marrying sunlight and fertilising the ground through their semen (see guys ), which they needed to prove existed. Men who marry many wives do so through the amount of children they father. They intentionally conceal women where possible so that’she’ doesn’t get offended and they’ll still be in favour when they expire. It’s the reason girls are kept in the background and until recently couldn’t enter churches. They’re still only permitted in the trunk of a mosque.

It’s also the reason why the Catholic Church, that can be recycled from these thoughts, insists on parent producing large families and why Muslims, whose religion was started from the Vatican. Can take a lot of wives. It’s essential for them to demonstrate their fertility and the time of the breeding is 3 days after crucifixion. That’s the reason the period of Easter is celebrated with eggs and rabbits, and so forth, as signs of the ground being fertilised.

Priests wed Mary and nuns are called by that name so that priests can have sex together. The whole religion, and all Christianity, which sprang from it, is only a massive lie. People are suffering because of these lies and lots of end up in psychiatric wards or commit suicide because of these.

The institution was launched by Constantine, who killed countless thousands and was worse than Hitler. He devised Jesus Christ. Jerome was appointed by the Vatican to compose the New Testament and use the ancestral rituals of Babylon because its own format.

The devil or Satan comes from sunlight, the light in the sky.


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