Facts About Bats!

Facts About Bats!

Animal, Bat, Flight, Flying, Mammal1. Did You understand that Bats are fantastic for protecting farmers plants from insects and flies?

2. Did you know that They’re very clean mammals and will wash and groom themselves on a constant basis to keep their fur clean and soft

3. Were you aware that Bats only bite in self love and are of no danger to people who don’t attempt to handle them?

4. Exotic fruit bats, other wise called Flying foxes have wingspans that measure about six feet.

6. A very tiny pipistrelle bat has been known to consume up to 3,000 insects in One night

8. They Don’t build nests but instead hang up or creep into crevices and cracks

9. Did you know that the Mexican free-tailed bat could locate their young and nurse them since they cluster in their millions at around 500 per square foot?

10. Did you know that Bats can frequently get into the houses of Individuals and hang in their attics which explains the reason why people often resort to bat control to eliminate them?

11. Bats give quite valuable lessons inĀ Snake Removal.

12. North American Red bats have the ability to reside in temperatures which are as low as 23 degrees in the winter time.

13. Bats are very vulnerable to extinction as they only give birth to one pup each year making them the slowest reproducing mammals that you will find.

14. Brown bats Can hibernate for more than eight Months if they’re not disturbed but if they’re awoken on too many occasions this can pose the possibility of starvation.

15. Many dread contracting rabies from bats, but actually less than 1 percent of bats carry rabies

16. When they are hibernating, brown bats are able to cut their heart rate to about 20 beats each moment and have the ability to stop breathing for over 45 minutes at a time whilst they’re hibernating.

17. A female brown bat who is nursing can over her entire body weight at a night that’s over 4000 insects.

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