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Poet Or Story-Teller?

Poet Or Story-Teller?

The Poet is a rare animal, they’re the conduit for lost Souls, forgotten Souls, and Souls that had unfinished business here on Earth.

“Poetry is the Reflection of a Long-Forgotten Soul” by Ven Bunce.

Many individuals think poetry is just sitting down and putting stories-to-rhyme, and in some cases that may be so, but poetry is a great deal more than that. Poetry is the out-pouring of a Spirit which has passed over to the’other side’, has seen the truth, the hidden truths about this adventure here on earth, for Humans particularly, and desires to Warn us Advise us about our present and our future. 

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A Poet may not even’like’ poetry or poets, and may not even like writing specifically. (though of course these days we also have digital audio and video to assist). So how can a Poet become a Poet?

To start with, a poet will always have an enquiring mind, a mind that is always searching for the truth behind everything they hear and see. They more often than not have a very’positive’ disposition which generates the’power’ the lost Souls can identify with, or else they would search aimlessly for the ideal minds to utilize as their conduit. A Lucky Dip would not be a fantastic outcome.

So how do these Souls enter the minds of a possible poet? It can be through coincidence, a broken dream, daydream, or just sitting down Doodling with a pen/pencil and newspaper (The preferred way).

If you sit down and think’too hard’ about your message into the world you will likely write an excellent, entertaining, informative narrative, more frequently than not it will be put to rhyme, but it will not be Poetry, it will be a Story. It can nevertheless be called poetry of course, but this is the gap between Poetry and Story-Telling. One comes’through’ the Soul, another comes’out of’ the Mind. The Poet is fed from space/time/ether. The other is fed from experiences/memories/interactions. Both are valid forms of entertainment and deliverance of messages, but just the Poet has the messages for our well-being now and for the future.

Poetry can of course be misinterpreted just as every other writing that has ever occurred, and the best example of this is’The Holy Bible’ probably the most abused book ever written. Charlatons, Do-Gooders, Narcissists, Spiritual Leaders/Workers are just’some’ of the men and women who will twist the words written into meaning what’they wish’ them to mean. However, Poetry, real poetry, written in rhyme, accesses our Soul directly with the use of straightforward, even child-like verse our’mind’ (the gate-keeper) let’s through unhindered as it seems too innocent to be a danger. It is then digested and becomes an active belief. Some might call it Enlightenment, or an Awakening, others would call it Love. The True Meaning Of LOVE naturally, not the romantic version, or the most common”Love You” at the end of each mobile phone conversation.

Love is an energy, it generates all of the good things in life and it’must’ be enabled in every human life if our species is to flourish now, and in the future. Music, Art, Literature, Social interaction are all positive traits that keep the’Love Energy’ flowing through our Minds, our Souls and the Ether. We do this by studying the right literature, listening to the ideal music, and socialising with our family and friends on a regular basis. We also do so by meeting potential Love-Interests on a one time, face-to-face basis and not through the Social Media as is prevalent at the moment.

Social Media, while convenient, and very good at feeding the endorphins your Brain and your Mind CRAVE over anything else is a totally Negative idea. It fills your Brain with calculated (often negative) messages that enter your Mind, and possibly your Soul through the’endorphins’ that you/we Soooo want above all else (Sub-Consciously). All those’enjoys”hearts”stocks’ etc, etc are ALL designed to FEED those Endorphins with as many unwanted messages as you can. They are the’Feel-Good Cookies’ that we are fed to’take the medication’. The same principle applies here, and Social Media should be treated with Sincere Scepticism.

The exact same can be said for Dating Apps/Sites where we are ALL now publicly encouraged to go to locate our possible partner/spouse/lover, rather than meet strangers in clubs, pubs, cinema, theatre, sporting events, etc, etc.. Whether you want to believe it or not, it is an entirely Negative Experience. It uses those old Endorphins yet again to TRAP you into often quite negative situations where the final result is usually just an exchange of Gender.

You find a profile picture’you like’, you read things that ‘you like’, you make contact, they reply, again’You Enjoy’… those endorphins are RUSHING through your brain now, the excitement is building and you can’t WAIT to get to see the person (in person) but all too often it’s a complete let-down as their profile was all a load of tosh, written to persuade potential’victims’ to make contact and be manipulated one way or another.

However, the facts ARE that more often-than-not these meetings leave a nasty taste in the mouth. It’s yet another negative experience which strikes your mind, and potentially your Soul. You become cautious of everyone, you withdraw, you become anxious, even sad because you believe you’re doing the proper thing, but it all ends in tears. Social Media was designed as the BIGGEST Rat Trap on Earth and we ALL took the bait – The’Feel-Good Cookie’.

Spit it OUT right now, and flip it to Your Advantage. Don’t respond to negative remarks, statements, pictures and memes. Simply ignore them even though it’s extremely tough, you have to discipline yourself to refrain from taking the cookie, the endorphin-rush of getting involved in a debate that is only going one way – Down-hill.

The Poets can feed Social Media with their positive rhymes and because these can enter the minds and spirits of other social networking users unhindered, these positive messages will be digested and live in the psyche of the recipients and hopefully develop a resistance to the Negativity that abounds throughout Social Media as a whole. It’s not guaranteed, but it is a fantastic start.

To discover if you’re a Poet at heart and believe you want to generate the’Love Energy’ to help humankind, then sit down on your own in a quiet area where you’ll not be disturbed, with a pencil and some paper. After a moment or two, open your eyes and start doodling and writing everything that comes into your head, no matter what that might be. When you feel you’ve written down all that appeared on your mind, go back over it all and try to write it in rhyme. You will be surprised just how easy that will be.

If it seems too hard, don’t worry about it. Set your thoughts/writings off safely and come back to it another day. Your subconscious mind is a strong ally and will come to your aid if you do it again. Put aside half an hour every day at least for this exercise, but do not try too hard or all you will get will be stories and not Poetry.

If after a couple of days things aren’t working for you, then sorry to saybut you are probably not in a positive enough frame of mind (Too much Social Media again I guess ) Whatever else you do, don’t give up on your search. Everybody has the potential to be a Musician, Artist, Writer or a Poet. In the case of a Poet not a Story-Teller (Writer) it is very important that you first clear your mind and let only Positive Energy future access.

Good Luck, and persevere, it’s a wonderful world which we Must Not Reduce to the’Dark forces’ of Social Media and the’New World Order’.

Why Should I Use a Ghostwriter?

Why Should I Use a Ghostwriter?

We often don’t understand exactly why you must use the services of a professional ghostwriter. I’ll attempt to answer this question within this article, at least somewhat. These ideas come from my freelance writing expertise, which I have had since before 1980. And my online affordable ghostwriting services company expertise, as of 2003 and further, involving over 300 books, films and other projects.

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For one thing, to be able to become a proper ghostwriter, you must begin as a professional freelance writer. Or you must start as some kind of professional writer, working for pay for other men and women. Otherwise, you will need an English (or other languages or language ) level (s) at an established university. Unless you’ve got”mad skills” at writing on your own. Even then, you must work as a writer and also be printed several times, in many different places.

Then, it becomes a matter of setting up your own shingle. Online, this is done by setting up a ghostwriting services website. Also by being on social networks, joining writer’s groups… endless discovering ways to advertise your ghostwriting business. There’s a good deal on and offline. Join plenty of writing, editing, marketing, publishing and other classes, activities and associations.

You might start out as a book manuscript editor – pretty good work. Charging less, until you get your feet in the doors you seek. You might have the ability to churn out great copy that follows guidelines. Or write well enough. But your job normally needs editing as you go.

Also, which you could make pretty good money. As a freelance writer, working as a ghostwriter. Anywhere from $24,000 to $500,000 USD or more per year. People gripe about it all the time, as though it’s such an arduous task. It’s just a way for your writer clients who do not really write. Or who do not have enough time. And they hire a professional freelance writer, the ghostwriter. To work on their book, screenplay, music, business documents or other ghostwriting services project.

Then, the writer usually takes the credit for the job. But the ghostwriter becomes upfront pay. For turning out excellent written copy. The writer gets the credit, the ghost gets the cash. Sometimes, if advertising goes well, the writer also gets payment for the work printed or otherwise sold under their own name. Rather than under the ghostwriter’s name. This is not plagiarism, bad man’s work, or anything else so awful. Ghostwriters can make decent money. Helping author clients take ideas out into full fruition.

A whole lot of these writers are celebrities. There are also memoirs written by ordinary people, who need professional aid. Sometimes, partial credit is shared, using an”As told to So and So” the ghostwriter. It is possible to run a whole ghostwriting services agency this manner. With shared credit rather than only upfront pay. But today, most ghosts accept payment(s) beforehand. Look it over carefully before you hire a ghost or do any work for a ghost. You don’t need to get in over your head. Writing for someone and not getting paid for it.

The idea generally is that the ghost gets paid upfront. When the author doesn’t have time to write it themselves. Nor the skills. Or the established knowledge in their own fields. At least, not enough of it for a excellent job of work. A lot of business people hire ghosts to write their copy. Because they simply aren’t writers themselves. Or they could write, but something precludes it. Business people and memoir customers especially seek out our aid.

There’s always something that makes their own work seem amateur. Inadequate. Confusing. Stilted, lazy, dull, not the job of a professional writer in other words. Occasionally clients even have major learning disabilities. There are plenty of people who can read, but not really write! At least, not in American English. I’ve had a lot of English as a second language customers. You can see the problems straight away. However, it takes some time to understand the client, too. Often. Communication and trust are essential. You must establish a rapport. If you don’t, money, religion and time become serious issues.

I’ve noticed my clients tend to replicate their wording too often. Or write abysmally. They don’t have lots of time to spare editing their own work, is usually what it is. But they will need to supply you with plenty of background material. For the ghost not to be truly writing their project for them. There are ghosts who do this; the author gets all of the credit, and all the work was done by the ghost entirely.

I’ve never really worked this way myself. Although I’ve done over half of the entire book or project. There is a reverse case: a few of the writer clients eventually learn how to write from their ghosts. It’s a lot of different case situations. About what most individuals do not understand about working as or with a ghost. But I’m forever learning something new. With time, I’ve learned to send work out to specialists in various specialties. Rather than taking it all on myself. I have ghosts now working for this particular ghost, so that I can spare time for other things.

Aside from that, author clients certifiably need to have a professional writer go over things. Or they simply won’t be correctly printed or reasonable read by their viewers. A once more before publication, or a total task done by the ghost on nothing but scratch material. An online freelance ghostwriter or publication editor will do these things for you! But typically, the author client must pay the writer. In installments upfront, or through other upfront techniques. Unpaid writers do not do very good work, you see?

Book coach, book guidance, book proposals to land 50% progress, and many other types of ghostwriting services done. The music field is especially overflowing with new ghostwriters. Rap and hip hop artists are often using ghosts today. The camaraderie, communication and rapport through ghost ventures are real and fulfilling. You get moral support for all (or most of) your endeavors this way. If they’re original thoughts, yours, and somehow something that might sell.

Or a beloved family memoir, or other life story, to be eventually gotten out to the world. Supportive abuse victims are great clients. For overcoming huge obstacles and being success stories. A excellent life makes a great history for your family, friends and others. You keep the copyrights, the ghost has paid. That’s the most essential issue to a ghostwriter – earning a living, making the bills on time. Landing paying, important and terrific clients. In a fashion that works, that’s on schedule roughly at least. Where it all works out for both parties.

At times, a client is not delighted with the ghost or the work. And some customers are downright impossible! It is never fun to work for a bully, a huge rush customer (I need it from the beginning of the job by tomorrow, by the way, it’s 200 pages long) or someone who downgrades their ghostwriter.

Individuals who want a complete book manuscript, finished and ready to go to printing in one week make no sense in any way. Even when it is a 35-50 page eBook, the ghost will require a bit more time than that, always. Some ghosts can do rush work, but it is usually what it seems like. You may edit in one-two months, but not ghostwrite, unless it’s very short and easy. A ghost that does poor work is punished, please be aware of that. By not getting additional jobs!

And you as the ghostwriter, you have got to make sure everything reads soundly, sensibly – and good enough for government work. Much better than that, if you want to generate any real money. Your client will be checking whatever you do, while paying you for it. The idea is the client and the ghost talk, write or communicate somehow often enough. To establish the foundation for the work. You take some time off, so does the client, and you let each other know about things.

Many times, customers are hiring particular, distinct skill sets in a ghostwriter. So their written copy can sell. Widely, or into a definite platform or other well-established publication or other sector. We offer broad-based marketing services to handle any platform needs. And your work has to sing, chant, illuminate and roar! Or read professionally enough so that the author is not embarrassed by how sloppy things look. Or how poorly their original works would have sounded, if they had not hired a professional ghostwriter.

Or any other professional. Not only your next-door neighbor, your cousin or a”special friend.” For it’s true, if you get a sloppy, poor, insecure, inadequate or outright crooked ghost – you won’t be happy. This can of course be due to illness in your and/or the ghost’s part, or maybe a car wreck. It’s important to trust fully enough not to be taken in, but never to be oversuspicious. Life is an integral part of things.

Accidents happen. Computers blow up, spouses die, family fortunes sink immediately. The American and world markets matter. Life is too short. Matters usually go very nicely for any and every rewarding ghostwriting services project. Even once you land the incorrect ghost, rewriter or editor! Because fortunately, you can always hire a new ghost and then get much better work. Over time, we have helped such clients get back on their writer’s feet, frequently. Take a look at a ghostwriter soon! Or for that matter, become one yourself and see what you can do.

GHOST WRITER, INC. – ghostwriter, editor, proofreader, rewriter, manuscript doctor, book coach and book author – and our team of 200+ composing field related employees, many of which are NYT or New York Times best selling authors. We’ve got connections with literary agents, commercial publishers and literary/film field professionals. GWI will find a home for your book, getting you published no matter what, provided that you continue to pursue your dreams.

We are an online ghostwriting services agency. GWI maintains an experienced team of professional freelance and contracting book authors, ghostwriters, copy and other styles of editors, proofreaders, manuscript authors, screenwriters, scriptwriters, graphic artists, digital photographers, book cover and other illustrators, interior design designers, manuscript and script analysts, logliners, treatment devils, film producers and other film, TV and video industry professionals – that may help to make your book manuscripts into movies, movies, videos or TV shows. Outer Space is the only”limitation” when you work hand in hand with Ghost Writer, Inc.. !

1 CAVEAT: Be prepared to spend lots of time, effort, will, heart and soul, and a reasonable amount of money depending upon your financial needs, whenever you work with GWI.

What’s Kindness?

What’s Kindness?

Kindness Begins with a thought…

You are able to act kindly only once you think positively. It’s an expression of your thought! You can’t fake it. The idea becomes your words. If you can’t speak kind words, better to be silent. Bhagavad Gita Ch 17, verse 15 highlights on austerity of speech.

You can be kind to someone in the event that you already have a preconceived positive notion about that person or something but your kindness vanishes when you have a negative thought about exactly the exact same person or thing.

A mother’s love is the ultimate kindness.

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If we are able to emulate that very same love to everyone around we’d be in an excellent world! Kindness is expressed in the exact same way whether it’s directed towards an infant, toddler, adult or a senior but we often choose to be different with various people based on our own prejudices.

Often times, it can be seen that one can be kind to one’s child but not to a neighbor’s kid. One could be kind to their loved ones, when one needs something from them but not when the family wants something from that one!

Kindness is assisting when needed with everything you can, when you can, even if it’s only a smile, hug or listening. Others might be able to express their kindness in other ways, that’s okay because it’s neither a competition nor a standard. Kindness doesn’t mean that you agree with others all the time. It means you agree to disagree, you consent to live & let live. People often confuse being fine with kindness.

It’s a like reputation and character. Reputation is others’ perception of you while character is who you are. Being nice is based on how people see you and being sort is how you see yourself. Only when you’re happy and contented you can express kindness. If you feel deficient in your life, that will be expressed too. .

Being kind could be construed as weakness and taken advantage of but a person of kindness forgives that too. Kindness is being gracious even in times of meanness.

More often the lack is felt than the presence.

Scott Adams said,’Remember there is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end’.

There are lots of folks who are less blessed with resources, health, both physical and psychological and family. First, we will need to count our blessings. Helen Keller quotes,’I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a guy with no legs’, just then you feel the empathy, compassion towards others and thankful for what you have!

There are several ways… Choose to add an additional coin whilst parking than required, someone can find the benefit. Drop the change for charity following shopping, fill in water in a big pot or lemonade in another pot outside the house for the unknown walkers on the street to quench their thirst, water the plants, feed the birds & animals, feed the hunger when you are out and when they approach you by getting a meal from a restaurant. Nothing that you do for others is insignificant.

Go ahead and do something good for others, what you can, once you can, with what you have, to bring a smile in that face. Do this with seniors, individuals in houses, terminally ill individuals, homeless and lonely people. You’ll make a huge difference in their life. They often want us to be silent and listen to them. Did you notice both of these words have the same letters?

Kindness begins in your home, be kind to your family members. You are where you are because of them. You parents, your siblings, relations, co-workers, subordinates and managers have contributed in one way or the other.

1 thing I learned from my mother is,’Learn to look into the positive aspects of each person in your life and remember them forever. If you encounter negative memories about others forget them immediately, only then kindness, compassion & benevolence will pour out’. She said,’Try not to judge anyone by their behaviour, people are inherently kind and compassionate but the challenges they have faced in their life, and on a particular day, makes them to be otherwise. You, by being kind, can make a big impact in their lives’.

We just have to de-clutter our mind so kindness reveals itself to everyone that crosses our path!!

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